Yunfoshan Skiing Resort (云佛山滑雪场) is among the two snowboarding hotels managed in Miyun Area of Beijing with another being Nanshan Skiing Resort. Yunfoshan Ski Resort can be found in Town in Area, about 85km north east of Beijing city center.

“Yunfoshan” virtually signifies “Cloud Buddha Hill”. Beijing Resort owns and manages one 3-star Frui Deciding, Conference Rooms Skiing Resort, Angling, Teambuilding, resort and Out Door Sports.

Some fascinating places are spread from Beijing downtown near to the traveling path to Yunfoshan Ski-Resort including Yunmengshan Chinese Wall, Jinshanling Great Wall, Mutainyu Great Wall Hot Spring Resort and Changyu Beijing.

Yunfoshan Ski Resort is primarily geared towards the neighborhood snowboarders with skiing prices that were inexpensive. It allocates a large part for Kids’ playground encouraged by parents that are skiiing.